And here we go…….

I wonder why so many of us end up killing ourselves trying to make a living. There has got to be an easier way, right? Well, maybe! We need to take what Kinky Friedman says, “Find what you like and let it kill you”, and apply that to our work. After all, people seem to say all the time that we should find something we love and do that for a living. Those same people usually don’t like what they do and beside that, what they love just won’t pay the bills!

Thinking about it though, those who seem to get the most, give the most, and make the most difference in the world are those who are doing what they love to do. They are creative, persistent to the point of being stubborn, and optimistic. They do what they love and find ways to make it work for themselves and for others.

One day not long ago I was at work and happened to ask out loud if there was any job I could do that I would actually like doing. It had been one of those days. The immediate reply from a co-worker was, “You should be a writer.” That’s not a bad idea.

I love to write. In most every job I have ever had I have done some kind of writing. I have edited or submitted regular articles for employee newsletters, I have blogged, I have written training material and put together marketing campaigns, I have even written educational curriculum, but all of this writing was for free. It was a gift. I gave it to my employers for whatever reasons. And I loved doing it.

So why can’t I do what I love and give it my best with the hopes that I might actually get paid for it? There’s a thought! So here we go. We’ll call it “By the Way Communications”, since it is by me, and my last name is Way. Whether I make a living at it or not, at least I am doing what I love, for those I love.

(And oh, by the way, no, I did not quit my day job……yet.)


PS. As for the picture up top, I am part Cherokee Indian and all Native Texan, though this particular cigar store Indian stands watch in Ybor City, Florida.

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